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Caring begins
at home

Americare Nursing Services offers expert advice and resources to help you prevent uneccessary costs and provide you with the most cost effective solutions.

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Quality Health

A good preventive wound care program is one of the best ways to reduce morbidity, improve patient outcomes, and create a healthy bottom line.

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Health Program

Reduces your ACO's cost and increase better outcomes by enabling your physicians to treat mental health issues without more costly resources.

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Primary Health
Care PHC

PHC assists patients with limited mobility by helping them to maintain independence at home, the most cost effective care setting.

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Remote Patient

Americare Nursing Services is dedicated to helping patients obtain health independence at home by implementing new approaches and programs.

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Providing you with quality-oriented nursing care

Our Mission!

We are proud to offer our patients a team of health care professionals who are conscientious and sympathetic to patient needs and treatment goals.

AmeriCare Nursing Services is a group of individuals dedicated to providing you with quality-oriented nursing care.

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About us

Americare Nursing Services is an accredited Medicare certified home health agency.

Americare Nursing Services is an accredited Medicare certified home health agency that has been serving the home healthcare needs for the RGV for over 20 years.

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Providing comprehensive nursing services


A good, preventive Wound Management program is the best way to reduce morbidity, improve patient outcomes, and reduce your cost of care.


Behavioral health program is the most cost effective resource to reduce exacerbations and unnecessary 30-day re admissions.


Our Remote Patient Monitoring program can deliver an immediate ROI to your ACO. RPM delivers one of the lowest cost to ROI ratios of any intervention available


PHC is an integral part of controlling costs, maintaining the independence of the patient at home, and improving patient outcomes.


Health & Wellness Coaching

Health or wellness coaching is a process that encourages healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.


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